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Put Your Head on My Shoulder’s Fu Pei and Si Tu Mo Reunite in a New Chinese Drama

Were you one of the supporters of Fu Pei and Si Tu Mo’s love team in Put Your Head on My Shoulder, or did you ship Gu Wei Yi and Si Tu Mo from the beginning? If you loved Daddi Tang and Fair Xing’s chemistry, then this exciting news is for you!

Yes, the two stars are reuniting in another romantic comedy C-drama!

Adapted from the novel, My Little Happiness 我的小确幸, this is a story of an urban workplace romance of childhood friends who later on reunite as adults. Hoping that Cong Rong  (Fair Xing) can settle down abroad, her mother arranges for her to go out of the country to study economics. But Cong Rong wants to become a lawyer, so she sneaks back into the country and applies to become a legal intern.

While pursuing her dreams, her first and biggest hurdle comes in the form of none other than her childhood friend Wen Shaoqing (Daddi Tang). As she wants to finish her internship smoothly, Cong Rong engages in a battle of wits with Wen Shaoqing. Little do they know that a romance between them is just around the corner.

Watch the official trailer here:

My Little Happiness is set to air this January 13,2021 and is available in the WeTV app. So hurry and download the app now!

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