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Rise Up With Janeena Chan: “Beyond the Crown with Nicole Cordoves”

RISE Up with Janeena Chan Nicole Cordoves

Want to pursue a career in pageantry, or just interested on how to become confidently beautiful with a heart?

Welcome to Rise Up with Janeena Chan where we share stories of real-life that draw inspiration provides strength and empowerment to #RiseUp. Produced by the Chinoy Podcast Network, let us continue to rebuild, inspire, strengthen, and empower one another.

For our first episode, we sat down with Nicole Cordoves, a beauty queen whose passions lie above and beyond herself. From being crowned Ms. Chinatown 2014 to Bb. Pilipinas Grand International 2016 – Nicole’s life has changed since then. Whether it’s tips on self-care or having self-confidence, here are some key insights we gather from #RiseUpWithJaneenaChan “Beyond the Crown with Nicole Cordoves.” 

“There’s really nothing normal about the #newnormal”

In this episode, Janeena and Nicole talk about how the pandemic has shaken up their careers in the events industry, and how they’ve adapted to some major changes in their jobs, following the wake of these challenging times. As such, they share their stories of resilience and how they have redefined their definition of success, and how they continually remind themselves of their whys.

We’re all in this together”

 At a time like this pandemic, sometimes it’s really difficult to let ourselves see the brighter side of things. However, in this constant whirlwind of changes that are going on in our lives, we must always remember that we are not alone. Nicole shares that it’s okay to worry, but always remember that you’re not alone in this journey. Young and old, rich and poor – we are all on the same boat, sailing across this ocean of uncertainty together. 

“Stay true to yourself”

As a beauty queen herself, Nicole is well-aware of how difficult it can be to strive in the world of pageantry, with all the “unbelievable beauty standards” that pageantry imposes on men and women of society – and with that, she shares her advocacy on self-confidence and not allowing these presuppositions to consume you. Instead, she says to just stay true to yourself and let your sincerity shine through. 

“Learn to love and focus on yourself

Nicole shares that despite everything she’s accomplished, she’s only recently learned to accept that she is truly beautiful – inside and out! It’s true that in her line of work, it’s difficult not to compare herself to other people, especially her fellow competitors; but through her journey of self-reflection, she didn’t let these toxicities wear her down. Instead, she rose above it all like the queen that she is.           

“Hindi pa tapos ang laban habang walang nakokoronahan”

And for our listeners out there, always remember to keep your fighting spirit! As Nicole says, always hold onto your courage, whether this is for pageants, competitions, or life in general. Truly, we’re all being faced with challenges left and right at the moment, but we must never forget to believe in ourselves and hope for the best! Always remember that this is the balance in life, and instead of dwelling on our hardships, let us all instead learn to enjoy its simple joys.  


Check out the first episode of Rise Up with Janeena Chan: “Beyond the Crown with Nicole Cordoves” on Spotify!

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