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5 C-Pop Groups That You Should Definitely Not Sleep On

K-Pop is taking the world by storm, but there is also a new musical power that pop culture fans are watching out for — C-Pop! The Chinese entertainment industry has been producing popular boy and girl groups left and right in the wake of survival shows like Produce Camp and Youth with You. And we felt that it was only fitting to have everyone join in on the fun. 

On this list are some of the hottest C-Pop idol groups in the music scene. Check them out here:


1) THE9

Fandom Name: NINECHO (pronounced as Naiko)

The9 is a nine-member idol project girl group formed by iQIYI’s popular Chinese reality survival show Youth with You 2. The group debuted in August 2020 and have since released their EP Sphinx X Mystery and their December album MatriX. 

Check out their latest comeback stage for “Dumb Dumb Bomb” on iQIYI’s Shout Out for Love Gala here:



Fandom Name: N/A

Formerly known as NEX7, NEXT is a seven-member Chinese boy group under Yuehua Entertainment. 

NEXT (乐华NEXT) made its debut in June 2018, following the return of members Fan Chengcheng, Justin, and Zhu Zhengting, who all previously promoted under the group Nine Percent after successfully competing on the reality show Idol Producer. 

As of this writing, NEXT has released one studio album and four EPs. Check out a performance of their latest 2020 single “My Love” here:


3) BonBon Girls 303

Fandom Name: Candy Wrapper

This girl group is yet another creation from a Chinese survival show. After having competed for their slots on Tencent’s Produce Camp 2020, seven members were picked to debut as BonBon Girls 303 on August 11, 2020, with an EP titled The Hard Law of Candy. 

Enjoy the electrifying music video of their debut lead single “BONBON GIRLS” here:


4) R1SE

Fandom Name: Twelve

Managed by Wajijiwa Entertainment, R1SE is an eleven-member boy group formed by the 2019 edition of Tencent’s Produce Camp series. They made a highly successful debut on August 6, 2019, and were recognized as the “Best Group of the Year” by several awarding bodies in China, in addition to other accolades. 

Watch their jaw-dropping New Year’s Eve stage performance of their latest lead single “曜” here:


5) WayV

Fandom Name: WayZenNi

For those not in the know, WayV is actually a seven-member sub-unit of the popular Korean boy group NCT. Managed by Label V, a subsidiary label of SM Entertainment, WayV has not only made waves in the Chinese entertainment scene but has also made regular appearances on Billboard’s world charts, making the group one of the most successful Chinese artists on the global stage. 

Don’t miss WayV’s amazing music video of their latest lead single “Turn Back Time” here: 

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