Wang Yibo’s 2021 C-dramas to Look Forward to


Wang Yibo is a singer, dancer, TV host, and motorcycle racer. Talented, isn’t he?

Wang Yibo is one of the most famous actors in China right now, thanks to the drama The Untamed with Xiao Zhan. He made his acting debut in the film, MBA Partners, as Zhao Shu Yu and then played a role in A Chinese Odyssey Part Three as Hong Hai Er. He is also a member of the South Korean-Chinese boyband UNIQ that debuted last 2014 with the song “Falling in Love.”

For Wang Yibo fans, here are his dramas to look forward to in 2021:

Private ShuShan College 私立蜀山学园

Private ShuShan College

Teng Jing is an orphan who lived in Shushan his whole life. He was brought up by the academy president Lan Tingyu and the director Zhong Shun. This drama tells how Private Shushan College students find friendship and love while helping each other solve the problems they are facing. Because of these experiences, they realize the true meaning of growth and bid farewell to their naive selves.

Number of Episodes: 30
Genre: Romance, School, Youth, Fantasy
Cast: Wang Yibo, Yukee Chen, Riley Wang


Being a Hero 冰雨火

Being a Hero

After his father was killed by a drug trafficking organization, Wu Zhen Feng is expelled from the police force. He then boards a bus to the border while his best friend Chen Yu relentlessly chases after him. Trying to save his best friend, Wy Zhen Feng is taken by drug traffickers. The two meet again five years later. Chen Yu has become a narcotics policeman while Wu Zhen Feng is the famed murder suspect known as Addict Lord. Chen Yu sets out to find the truth, wanting to clear his best friend’s name, not knowing his return has another purpose.

Number of Episodes: 24
Genre: Crime, Drama, Detective
Cast: Chen Xiao, Wang Yibo


Luoyang  风起洛阳


Directed by Xie Ze, Luoyang is set in the ancient capital of the same name during the era of 13 dynasties. Wu Si Yue, Gao Bing Zhu, and Bai Li Hong Yi, come together to investigate a series of mysterious incidents and a conspiracy to overthrow Empress Wu Ze Tian, the only woman to rule in more than 3,000 years of Chinese history.

Number of Episodes: 40
Genre: Historical, Mystery
Cast: Huang Xuan, Wang Yibo, Victoria Song, Song Yi


Which among these dramas are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments section!

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