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Why You Should Check Out the C-pop Group WayV

Courtesy of SM Entertainment

With the idol wave that has been taking over the world, many outstanding Chinese idols continue to thrive both in Chinese and Korean idol groups. WayV or 威神V (WēiShén V), which stands for “We Are Your Vision,” has become one of the biggest Chinese pop boy groups that have been making waves domestically and internationally. WayV and its talented and alluring members have gained well-deserved global attention with their flawless discography, musical abilities, and more.

Here’s why you should check out the C-pop group, WayV:

Courtesy of SM Entertainment

1. Rising global success 

They continue to prove that they’re not just a Chinese boy group, but a rising Asian group globally. All the tracks from their EP, The Vision, entered the top 10 in the Billboard’s World Digital Songs. Upon their debut, the group also reached the no. 4 spot on the Billboard Social 50. The group continues to rise in global popularity, which was cemented by their Best New Asian Artist award at the Mnet Asian Music Awards in 2019. 

Their English version ofLove Talk” debuted at no. 3 in the Billboard World Digital Song Sales. WayV is the only C-pop boy group whose albums, Take Off, Take Over the Moon, and Awaken the World, reached no. 1 on the Worldwide iTunes Album Chart three times in a row. Ranking no. 1 in the QQ Music Digital Album Best Seller Charts, WayV has also received their first Gold Certification with the digital hit single, Bad Alive. WayV continues to break local and international records while reaching out to their global audiences with their successful promotional tours in China, South Korea, and Thailand. 

Courtesy of WayVSupport on Twitter, Billboard, and QQMusic

2. Flawless and diverse discography

It’s no secret that WayV’s diverse discography has something for everyone with genres ranging from R&B and hip-hop to urban trap and ballads to electropop and synth-pop. They’re not afraid to experiment with their songs and each genre they dive into is done well. 


What’s more, WayV has reshaped boy group NCT’s well-known songs, “Regular” and “Come Back” and defined them with their own  signature distinct vocals, lyrics, and choreography. 

Establishing themselves as a global group, WayV has gained more international attention for English versions of their songs like the sultry R&B tune, “Love Talk,” and the energetic hip-hop track, “Bad Alive.” 

3. Incredible talent and skills

WayV’s global popularity has been skyrocketing because of their incredible talent and skills as an idol group. Their fans, who call themselves Weishennie, take pride in the members who ace both their vocals and their performances. WayV also further showcased their talent in their project, Rainbow V, which they self-produced.

WayV members are also known to have many musical abilities in composing, songwriting, and producing. They even show off their creativity with their first self-filmed music video, “Let Me Love U.” The leader Kun, in particular, has exceptional musical composition skills. He also excels in sound production and song arrangements, which can be heard on his soundcloud.


Hendery and Yangyang both participated in writing lyrics for numerous songs, such as “King of Hearts,” “Electric Hearts,” “We go nanana,” and “Only Human.” Hendery also wrote “Stand by Me. ”

WayV members are also well-known for being multilingual. Besides Chinese, all of the members can speak Hangul (Korean), too. Lucas and Ten can both speak English and Thai, while Yangyang can speak German, Spanish, and English. Winwin can also speak Japanese and the Chinese dialect Wenzhou. Hendery and Xiaojun can speak Cantonese and English.  

4. Strong group dynamics

As artists, WayV is continuously praised for their professionalism. What contributes to the band’s success is their strong group dynamics. They share an authentic bond as a family, not just co-workers. Coming from different places and having different nationalities, they strive to unite as a group. With WayV’s impeccable teamwork, they continue to work hard and grow to achieve success together. 

Courtesy of SM Entertainment

WayV also shares their personal lives with their fans on Instagram and Weibo, and they communicate with their fans through livestream platforms, like Yizhibo and Vlive. You canalso see the members’ chemistry and their good sense of humor through their frequent Vlive Bubble messages, Instagram stories, posts, and interactions. They also share photos of their dog, Bella; their cats, Louis and Leon; and their ferret, Fred. 

Courtesy of @tenlee_1001 in Instagram and WayV Lysn bubble chat

In their Instagram Live, it’s easy to get to know the members because they easily open up to their fans. You’ll definitely laugh at their goofy and entertaining sides like how they sing along to K-pop songs in their car and teach each other foreign languages. 


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